Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Watch Dylan Dog Dead of Night Movie Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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Kevin Munroe has directed an official American film adaptation of Dylan Dog starring actor Brandon Routh as the title character. Differences between the comic result in the film being set in New Orleans instead of London, the character of Groucho being replaced by an un-dead sidekick called Marcus due to issues for the production to acquire the rights to use the Groucho Marx name and style, another Difference is Dylan Dog's Volkswagen Beetle being black with a white hood instead of the opposite like in the comic. The film also appears to be much lighter in tone and more action-oriented, lacking the surreal feeling, the black humor and the melancholy of the comic book, and the Dylan character is portrayed like more of a scientist-adenturer in the vein of Indiana Jones, rather than the romantic loner he is in the comics. It was originally going to premiere on Halloween 2010 in Italy but has since been pushed back to a March 2011 release

Director:Kevin Munroe
Writers:Thomas Dean Donnelly,
Release dates: 29 April 2011
Cast,Brandon Routh,Sam Huntington,Peter Stormare


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