Friday, 22 April 2011

Watch Prom Movie Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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Parents need to know that this Disney high-school dramedy is all about that quintessential teen rite of passage -- preparing for and going to the prom. Featuring a crop of mostly unknown young actors, the movie follows teens from different spots on the social ladder who are all facing the same dilemmas: who to take, what to wear, and what does prom even mean? A stereotypical "bad boy" is forced to help a fresh-faced "good girl" with prom planning unless he wants to get suspended, so it's safe to say that the movie will have some "forbidden love" themes. And given that this is a teen-targeted prom flick, parents should also expect kissing and slow-dancing -- but nothing too hot and heavy, since it's from Disney.

Director:Joe Nussbaum
Writer:Katie Wech
Release dates: 29 April 2011
Cast,Aimee Teegarden,Thomas McDonell,DeVaughn Nixon,

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