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Sugar and spice and everything nice? If that’s the image you have of best girlfriends, “She Monkeys” will set you straight. A stark look into the world of two teen girls in Sweden experimenting in just about all ways possible with power, sexuality and morals, “She Monkeys” draws audiences into this mysterious relationship — which can seem more like frenemies than friends.

Enigmatic Emma (Mathilda Paradeiser, resembling a younger Chloë Sevigny) meets the slightly older and conventionally prettier Cassandra (Linda Molin) at the equestrian acrobatics club. (Indie film 101: Be sure to include an obscure, metaphorical hobby for your leads.) The two are natural competitors but quickly forge a strange and almost too-close friendship: Cassandra goads Emma into potentially dangerous situations, and Emma capitulates without argument and rarely reacts with emotion. More than one character tells Emma to “work on her presence,” which indicates that Emma’s blank façade and wide eyes are not considered assets. But Emma sees it differently, living under an unexplored code of “toughness” and advising her younger sister Sara (Isabella Lindquist) to behave the same way — always be tough with other people.

The lack of background on either young woman is frustrating; Emma and Sara’s mother is absent, but we don’t know why; the Swedish summer of extremely long days is disorienting to non-Nordics; and the relaxed schedule that allows Emma and Cassandra to wander off at all hours and prank boys, drink and feed into their shared sexual tension is made most odd by the almost complete lack of adults around them.

There’s a disturbing B story going on here too. Emma’s younger sister Sara is growing up too fast, wearing a leopard-print bikini that has nothing to cover and is grossly inappropriate for a child still dealing with baby fat. Yet Sara knows what she wants it for: to seduce her babysitter/cousin Sebastian. Mercifully he isn’t receptive, though the confrontation is uncomfortable in the extreme. The truth is, both sisters are looking for approval and attention, but unlike Sara, Emma refuses to give of herself or reveal her own desires. It’s not until her dreams are suddenly jeopardized that we first realize she even has them — or that she has her own hidden razor-sharp claws.

Yet when she whips them out, it isn’t entirely shocking. “She Monkeys” maintains a low hum of tension throughout the film, one that demands a punch line. Someone has to get hurt, but Emma remains such a closed book throughout the picture that it’s hard to feel like we even got to know her at film’s end. Meanwhile, Cassandra’s dark streak comes across as at least human and sympathetic.

Still, “She Monkeys” is a hard nut to crack. Yes, purportedly we’re exploring the feminine friendship mystique, and no two girls relate to one another in the same way. But is it about friendship? There’s precious little camaraderie between Emma and Cassandra. In the end, their connection is like one of those Swedish summer days: sun hidden beneath a bleak white sky, devoid of warmth.

Director:Lisa Aschan
Writers:Lisa Aschan, Josefine Adolfsson,
Release dates:29 April 2011
Cast,Mathilda Paradeiser,Linda Molin,Isabella Lindquist

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