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Watch Thor Movie Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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Directed by Kenneth Branagh

Of the two big Marvel movies this Summer, Thor was the one film I was least looking forward too. The combination of a character with a less than stellar comic background (many writers have struggled with the character in the comics so I had my worries for the film version), with a director known more for more dramatic movies didn’t really instill me with much confidence. Turns out my fears were unfounded. Marvel have hit another one out of the park with Thor, creating a film that in my opinion is on a par with the excellent Iron Man.

From the epic opening set on Asgard, to the battle with the Destroyer back on Earth, Thor is filled with plenty of action, a compelling story and some surprising direction from Branagh. Yes, surprising.

The story is a simple one: Following an ancient and epic war, the Asgardians have a tentative peace with the Frost Giants of Jotunheim, however that peace is shattered after Thor, on the day of his ascension to the Asgard throne, mounts an assault on the homeworld after being tricked by his mischievous brother Loki. Banished to Earth by his father Odin for his “crime”, Thor drops in (literally) on Jane Foster, an astrophysicist who is studying freak phenomenon in New Mexico. Stripped of everything he holds dear, including his mighty hammer Mjolnir, Thor must learn what it takes to be a true hero in order to claim back his hammer and his throne. But standing in his way on are Agent Coulson and the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his brother, an Asgardian megalomaniac turned King, Loki, who unleashes the most fearsome of beings, the Destroyer, to kill Thor and anyone else who stands in his way…

Thor is a tale told on three worlds – Midgard (aka Earth), Asgard and Jotunheim – each as different and diametrically opposite as the other, and each with it’s own unique identity and appearance. Branagh and co. – in particular the production designer Bo Welch, have worked hard to create realities that feel, for want of a better word… real. It’s a credit to the cast and crew that at no time do the events on any of the worlds feel unbelievable, which is no mean feat – hell, they even struggle with such concepts in the original comics, so to pull if off in a live-action adaptation has to be commended.

Who also should be commended is the films director Kenneth Branagh. Despite his stellar directorial career I had serious doubts that Branagh could pull off a “comic book movie”, again, like I said in the intro, my fears were completely unfounded. It’s obvious from watching Thor that Branagh has studied the original comics and the medium as a whole and has surrounded himself with the best production designers, DP’s et al. and it shows on screen - Thor looks amazing. I actually found myself surprised by Branagh’s direction on Thor. He uses obtuse angles and really wide camera shots that look like they were ripped straight from the pages of a comic – without looking like a comic! It’s a very finely balanced line that Branagh walks and you can see why Marvel chose him to direct, he brings both an epicness to the look and feel of the film, but at the same time keeps it grounded in humanity – you really care for the characters and you really believe in the world in which they inhabit.

The cast are all uniformally excellent. Having a director of the calibre of Branagh has obviously brought out the best in everyone’s performance, be it through multiple takes or just the demands he asks of his performers – I really can’t fault anyone, even those in the minor roles and those behind the make-up (who could tell it was Colm Feore behind the make-up of Laufey the leader of the Frost Giants?). Of the main cast the film belongs to Chris Hemsworth, his central performance as Thor goes from pig-headed and arrogant King-in-waiting to hero in the truest sense of the word, capturing everything that is good about the legendary character. Anthony Hopkins steals most of the scenes he is in of course – especially in the pivotal scene where Odin casts Thor out of Asgard. Of the rest of the gods of Asgard it’s Idris Elba as Heimdall, the guardian of the Rainbow Bridge, who really shines as a total badass and that’s despite the characters limited amount of screen time!

For the comic fans there’s plenty to enjoy in Thor – I for one was pleasantly surprised that Marvel and co. actually showed Thor flying in the film (with the aid of the mighty Mjolnir of course), it’s just one example of how true to the comic the movie is, which is almost certainly down to the involvement of J. Michael Straczynski, who penned the story. It’s his most recent reboot of the character, and the art by Olivier Coipel, that are the real inspiration behind Thor, from the small town New Mexico setting, to the actual appearance of Thor. For the hardcore fan there’s also a (possible) nod to the recent “Fear Itself” storyline – make of that what you will. Those less familiar with the comic books will still find plenty to enjoy, even if the odd reference may pass over the heads of some – especially the cameo by Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye (as seen in the most recent trailer). And speaking of cameos, is that Luke Cage, aka Power Man who fights Thor in the S.H.I.E.L.D. base? It’s not made clear, but he would be the only huge black guy capable of standing up to Thor’s mighty strength…

Director:Kenneth Branagh
Producer:Ashley Miller
Release dates: 21 Apr 2011
Cast,Natalie Portman,Chris Hemsworth,Anthony Hopkins

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