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Watch Attack the Block Movie English Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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Yo, check it. Attack the Block was definitely one of my favourite films of the South By Southwest Film Festival…and I wasn’t alone as it won the Audience Award for Midnighters. If this movie doesn’t get picked up by an American distributor, I don’t know what’s wrong with the world. [This just in, Attack the Block has been picked up by Screen Gems so it WILL have US Distribution!] It’s a non-stop sci-fi action film following a gang of kids in a rough urban London hood…with an alien invasion! Fucking. Awesome. Everything about this movie screams cool and is a mix of District 9, Gremlins, and an inner-city Goonies.

The movie starts off as any other UK film does, with a group of kids mugging an innocent nurse (Jodie Whittaker). But hold on, what just fell from the sky? From here, the movie does not slow down one bit. The kids decide to take the alien back to their drug dealer’s weed room because it’s the safest place they know. Their connect? The great and funny Nick Frost. I’m telling you, the movie just keeps getting better and better. Quickly following the first slain alien, more and more of them fall from the sky and start attacking everything in sight. Led by Moses (John Boyega), the gang run around apartment complexes trying to figure out what’s going on, save their friends, escape from other drug dealers, and kick some alien ass to protect their turf.
The movie has a hip electronic-infused score that keeps the mood hype and moving along. There’s not much downtime for long alien explanations or drawn out plot twists because in an alien invasion, there’s no time to think…only action! Even so, there is still plenty of character development and you get into the heads of each of these kids as they battle something that is much larger than them. The special effects are superb and the aliens look really cool. I really want to see some behind the scenes footage because it looks like writer/director Joe Cornish filmed it as quickly as the movie played on screen. The whole story is set over just one night and by the time it’s over, you would think you just sat down to watch the movie. It’s so enjoyable that time just passes by in an instant.
Attack the Block

Attack the Block is one of my favorite films of the year and I find myself recommending it to everybody. It’s going to be a tough one to find but if it’s somehow playing in your area, you have to go see it. Twice. The look and feel is just so polished that you wouldn’t think you’re watching an indie film. The only problem American audiences might have is understanding the kids’ UK accents, but for me, that added to the experience and comedy…the way they think, interpret and say things are so different that what we’re used to that it just works on so many levels. It’s definitely not an American alien invasion movie, they don’t call in the National Guard…this is a whole other breed, both story and film itself. Believe It.
Director:Joe Cornish
Writers:Ann Peacock,
Release dates:May 13th, 2011
Cast,Nick Frost,Jodie Whittaker,Luke Treadaway,

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