Sunday, 1 May 2011

Watch Bullseye Movie Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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It's the year 1935 and Private Detective Dick Polakowski has recently bankrupted Charlie's Casino, the city's headquarters of organized crime. Charlie Rodriguez and the Charlie Brothers ran every facet of the town including having the government officials on their payroll. Their word was law. Dick left the Charlie Brothers with nothing. With crime vanquished, Dick plans his retirement until he gets a phone call from Marcus Rodriguez, Charlie's #2. Dick's wife and daughter have been kidnapped. It's the money or his family's lives. Dick understands that paying the ransom will only enable crime to start again. How can he choose between his family and the city he loves? Written by Prister Productions

Director:Alex Prister
Producer: Alex Prister
Release dates: 01 May 2011
Cast,Steve Rimpici,Tiffany Lloyd,Robert Werner

BullsEye Official First Trailer from Alex Prister on Vimeo.

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