Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Watch Cost of a Soul Movie English Online Free Trailer Cast Crew Preview

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Cost Of A Soul Poster
I got motion sick! First, I found myself backing up into my chair as if I were inside the actors personal bubble. The camera was at the actors shoulder, complete with all the movement nearly the entire movie. The camera shot was excessively too close and the constant panning around the room made for a dizzying, nauseous experience. I'm not one prone to motion sickness either. I understand that the desired affect was to draw the viewer into the actors, but I wish the cinematography had been different. It really would've been a great movie otherwise. If you can handle it, I recommend it on account of the outstanding acting and story line. It's a great story of how a persons power and control of their own life can be taken away.

Director:Sean Kirkpatrick
Writer:Sean Kirkpatrick
Release dates: 18 May 2011
Cast,Chris Kerson,Will Blagrove,Mark Borkowski

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