Saturday, 25 June 2011

Kim Kardashian Butt Implants Reality Star Puts Kibosh On Surgery Whispers With X-Ray Picture

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The Kardashian Klan would film a bowel movement if it meant record ratings. For now though, they’ll just stick to x-raying their asses.

While she should be on the hunt for something old, something new, something borrowed, and another thing blue, engaged socialite Kim Kardashian’s set out to silence “Da Hatas” who insists that her ample derriere is actually made o’ silicone. Priorities, people. The curvaceous Armenian was dared by sisters Khloe and Kourtney to get her butt X-rayed to dispel rumors that she’s been on the receiving end of some pretty bodacious butt implants.

Serious progress, Kim. Now only an X-ray of your bust, chin, nose, lips, abdomen, hair, forehead, and brain is needed to clear your good name.

“Hey dolls. The PROOF is in the X-ray,” Khloe blogged Thursday alongside the above pic. “Kim’s ass is 100% real!!”

“My sisters have dared me to get a butt X-ray, because there are so many rumours I have butt implants and I’m so tired of them,” Kim explains to her family’s doctor in a promo clip for Sunday night’s edition of E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians. “I really just want to get it so I can show the whole world,” she cooed in her signature “baby voice.”

During the trio’s riveting trip to the radiologist, Khloe helpfully suggested the doctor “could just feel her ass up and see if it’s real.”

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