Tuesday, 28 June 2011

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Though Veena Bakshi is the director of Coffin Maker, the lead actor Naseeruddin Shah has taken on her role. Besides starring in the film with his wife Ratna Pathak Shah, Naseer has apparently directed it too.

Debutant director Bakshi was apparently very unsure about Coffin Maker since it was her first film. She was fumbling a lot with her job and was failing to call the shots. At this point, Naseer stepped in and started offering valuable inputs. Somewhere down the line, Naseer took over and Bakshi was sidelined.

“We have completed 95 per cent of the film,” said the producer of the film Panchali Chakraberty, “A small schedule in Mumbai remains to be done. I am very happy with whatever we have shot till now.”

But is Bakshi glad about the way things have turned out? A source from the unit of Coffin Maker says, “It all started in Goa. Bakshi did not get it right for the first nine or ten days. Consequently, Naseer realised that it was time to set it right.”

When contacted however, Bakshi insisted the work was all hers, that she had directed Coffin Maker. “Like every actor has his/her own take, Naseer also had his. There’s nothing more to this than that,” said she.

However, Chakraberty didn’t quite share Bashi’s views and said, “I won’t say that Bakshi fumbled. Let’s say she had teething problems and Naseer gave a lot of inputs. If Bakshi had a point of view and Naseer thought otherwise, he would suggest if it could be done differently. He was great in terms of support. Whenever she did not get it right, he helped her. For Bakshi, Naseer was like a Godfather.

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