Saturday, 25 June 2011

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The Conspirator," Robert Redford's latest film, takes up the story in a postwar Washington convincingly shot on location in Savannah, Ga. He approaches it as a legal procedural, concerned not only with the case but with the legal precedents it established, which we are still dealing with today. Crucially, the case tried a civilian in a military tribunal, denying her the right to a jury of peers that is guaranteed in the Constitution.

This civilian was named Mary Surratt (Robin Wright). She owned a boarding house in Washington, D.C., where Booth and his fellow plotters met. They were brought there by her son, John. Her son fled but Mrs. Surratt was charged as a co-conspirator. Secretary of War Edwin M. Stanton (Kevin Kline), the de facto power in Washington, despite the presence of President Andrew Johnson, wanted her tried and convicted quickly, to placate an enraged population. He gave the assignment to defense attorney Reverdy Johnson (Tom Wilkinson), who passed it to a young Union veteran named Frederick Aiken (James McAvoy).

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