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watch Ghosted full movie Online Ghosted English Film Watch, Online Watch Ghosted, watch Ghosted movie online for free, watch Ghosted online The love-hate triangle between old lag, vulnerable newcomer and cellblock psycho was a cornerstone of prison dramas before the Kray boys had committed the first offence in their nappies.

But while sticking to traditional genre lines, Craig Viveiros makes an impressively measured step from cameraman to writer-director to make his first feature an absorbing lesson in prisonology.

The story sees callow newcomer Paul (Compston) rescued from the unwholesome attentions of HMP Falkhill’s unhinged top dog Clay (Parkinson, giving it more Mancunian large after his turn as music maverick Tony Wilson in Control) by concerned father figure Jack (Spooks star Lynch – a casting cert for The Eric Cantona Story).

Though the consequent argy-bargy (shankings, shower-room rapes, tribal power struggles) plays out with inevitable brutality, Viveiros reveals the truth about Jack and Paul in carefully measured slivers.

That Jack has little to look forward to on his imminent release is no secret. But his regret is shared by Paul, to whom there is more than meets the eye.

Despite taking matters a climactic contrivance too far, Viveiros sustains a palpable sense of threat throughout. Everyone’s place in the jailhouse pecking order is made as explicit by nods and nudges and glances and glares as cold, hard violence.

Parkinson is particularly good, gradually exposing the snivelling coward behind Clay’s swagger, while not even the world’s most depressed bloodhound could look as remorseful as Lynch.

The casting lockdown is secured by David Schofield as the obligatory bent screw and producer Art Malik providing the film with a pillar of Asian wisdom as Jack’s unflappable friend.

While similar in theme to the standard-setting A Prophet, Ghosted is not out to set any benchmarks. But despite its more modest ambitions, nobody's going to shove it around.

Elliott Noble

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