Saturday, 25 June 2011

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Raw Faith opens on a Unitarian minister delivering a sermon of surprising common sense, kindness, even beauty, and you can immediately grasp the gratitude of her rapt congregation. It's clear within a few moments that Marilyn Sewell is probably one of those ministers who understands the ideal potential of organized religion as an instrument of providing some sort of solace from the chaos born of comprehending so little of the laws of existence. Sewell understands that the macrocosmic question—the big existential riddle of why we are here—can best be addressed by confronting the microcosm that's made up of the little details that come to define our lives, such as tales of romantic misunderstanding, or of the family members who continue to haunt us.

If Raw Faith were just a story of an unusually successful female senior minister and her effect on a growing Portland, Oregon church it would be worth seeing for its unusual tact and taste. The director, Peter Wiedensmith, works in a straightforward manner that's appropriate to Sewell's sermons, and he doesn't juxtapose images or interviews in such a matter as to skew the documentary into a typical debate over belief. Raw Faith is as pared as Sewell's sermons, as there doesn't seem to be a misplaced or gratuitous moment in the entire film. Wiedensmith's methods aren't as cinematic as they could be, but even this seems to ably mirror Sewell's humility.

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