Saturday, 25 June 2011

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The Transformers series are a very strange and curious trilogy.The first was interesting, a little longer than the plot was capable of handling, but nonetheless enjoyable for what it is.

Then, the second one came around with initial reviews claiming it was a loud-explosion mess of a movie.Yes, i left the theatre deaf as a post, but i still accepted it for what it was-a brainless, one-liner, visual effects driven non-plot having extravaganza, that can take your ears to the grave.Yes, it was a little sub par on plot and substance, but i enjoyed it for what it is-a summer Michael Bay movie.

Now, with the third coming, i must say, that all of you, who were left unhappy, deaf and unsatisfied, you must forget it and see the third part as a reincarnation in a Sci-Fi classic, just like the likes of the nowadays Inception, or District 9 and so on, but with more effects, less inappropriate noise and featuring one of the most breathtaking scenery of giant robots fighting on 3-D.The technical part of the movie is done better than ever, on par up there with Avatar (yes, it's getting a cliché, but it's nevertheless true)and there is a believable plot, considering the flops they used to call stories in the first two movies (again, compared with this, of course).

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