Thursday, 30 June 2011

Watch Weeds Season 7 Episode 2: From Trauma Cometh Something Online Free Episode 2

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Weeds Season 7 premiere last Monday and it had been awesome for many viewers had miss it and keep an eye on their come back. The return of the Marijuana queen has been an awesome night for everyone especially to all its avid viewers. As I read the reviews of the last week episode, it was a mixture of some positive and negative but totally, the entire episode was awesome for it really meet to the expectations of the audience, not perfect but excellently done. Probably, the four man who stayed at Copenhagen, travel to New York after hearing some news that Nancy already get out of the prison, and they was lead by Shane. Well, after the long time that the family of Nancy Botwin, didn’t see her, there are things that had changed and there were others who had remain the same. I have read that many salute Mary-Louise Parker for doing a great job for she was able to portray the role of Nancy Botwin at a good cost.

Weeds Season 7 Episode 2: From Trauma Cometh Something will focus on the new direction of life that Nancy is taken. She was establishing a new life at New York City, and definitely, this is something positive as she takes her way into a better direction. Probably, she was surprise by the unexpected arrival of Andy and Shane who’s desire to see her leads them to New York. On the other hand, Silas started to get involved himself into modelling world, as a work. And we will find Doug in this episode tracking down an old friend to whom, he had lost contact.

So, prepare yourselves for another stunning episode from the show, which is set to take a wave this coming Monday night, July 4 2011. Let’s take a time to watch Weeds Season 7 Episode 2 online in your computer or you may also make a choice by watching it on your television. This is another spectacular continuation of the season 7 premiere and the intensity is still rising rapidly and we only find ourselves entertain by the show.

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