Monday, 20 June 2011

Wilfred (US) Episodes June 23, 2011

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The Australian hit comedy series Wilfred will come in the US to spread the love and laughter. Wilfred is a multi-awarded Australian black comedy TV series starring Jason Gann, Adam Zwar and Cindy Waddingham. It was created by Gann and Zwar, and it was based on their award-winning 2002 short film of the same title. Wilfred was awarded as the Best Television Comedy Series in 2007 and 2010 by AFI (Australian Film Institute).

On June 23, 2011 the Wilfred US version will its pilot episode on FX. Wilfred (US) stars The Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood Ryan, along with series co-creator Jason Gann, reprising his titular role of Wilfred. The series was adapted for the American television channel FX by Family Guy veteran David Zuckerman.

According to Jason Gann, there are some changes to the scenarios and dialogue, but insisted that it would “still be our Wilfred.”

Wilfred follows a young man named Ryan (Elijah Wood), who forms a friendship with his neighbor’s pet dog, Wilfred (Jason Gann). As the basis of the series, Ryan sees Wilfred as an Australian man in a dog suit, while everyone else sees Wilfred as just a dog.

The US version of Wilfred is expected to air 13 episodes on its first season. The Wilfred Season 1 Episode 1: Happiness is set to air on June 23, 2011 on FX Channel at 10PM ET/PT.

Wilfred (US) The Characters:

Wilfred (Jason Gann) - Wilfred is a nine years old and 1/16th dingo (a free-roaming wild dog unique to the continent of Australia). He smokes cigarettes and marijuana, drinks beer, eats junk food is prone to foul language, malapropisms and sexual urges. In the view of Ryan (and the viewer) Wilfred is an Australian man in a dog suit, but to everyone else he is just a normal dog.

Wilfred is owned by Jenna, although Jenna is not his first owner. He served numerous stints at the pound before being adopted by Jenna.

Ryan (Elijah Wood) – Ryan is described as “an introverted and troubled young man struggling unsuccessfully to make his way in the world until he forms a unique friendship with Wilfred, his neighbor’s canine pet.

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