Monday, 4 July 2011

Ratan Rajput finds soul mate in Abhinav Sharma News

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Television actress Ratan Rajput, who was in search of a perfect match for her on the show, Swayamvar 3- Ratan Ka Rishta (Imagine TV), has finally found her soul mate in Abhinav Sharma. The couple however, have decided to get engaged and spend some more time knowing each other before getting committed to the institution of marriage.

Ratan has had an instant liking for Abhinav from day one of the show and also gelled quite well with his family. Although, she had issues with Abhinav's conservative family, but looks like the Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo actress is all set to compromise on that part. Abhinav Sharma, 26-years-old, software engineer from Delhi won the Swayamvar over Deepak Pandit from Jammu and Anupam Singh Kushwah from Poland.

Ratan, who was dressed in complete bridal getup in the finale of the show told, "The kind of life partner I had dreamt of... Abhinav fits into it. During the show we, have discussed about leading a simple life and how would we be able to manage. So we have decided to just get engaged and spend sometime together and will get married in some time." Abhinav expressed, “Ratan has taken this decision for me. We had discussed this before during the show and Ratan understands my situation. We are engaged."

Well, here comes the end to one more Swayamvar. Now, will Ratan Rajout will go the Rakhi Sawant way, who called off her engagement after a few months of the Swayamvar, or will this match take the form of a marriage, will be revealed with times to come. Till then be tagged to us to stay updates on Ratan and Abhinav relationship.

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