Friday, 22 July 2011

Watch Killer Movie Online Free Killer Preview

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Immense fire in the belly! That's the impression one gets about Raksha Mistry, the co-director of The Killer, when one gets into a conversation with this former assistant director turned full fledged director with Vishesh Films' The Killer. This former assistant to the likes of Dharmesh Darshan and Rakesh Roshan is not a novice to the film world and after spending 12 years in the industry doesn't feel shy to admit the plot of 'Collateral' being the source of inspiration for Irrfan-Emraan starrer The Killer. Over to the lady!

Since Raksha Mistry sounds like a new name to many, why don't we start with your professional journey?
Well, yes Raksha may sound a new name to many outside the industry but the fact is that I have been a part of the industry for around 12 years. And just to let you know one more thing that along with me, my friend Hasnain Hyderabawaala has co-directed the film. We both have been associated with Dharmesh Darshan in the past and started our career as assistant directors with Raja Hindustani. After that we worked in number of other films with him like Dhadkan and Mela. Hasnain was also the assistant director with Bhatts for Tamanna while I too was involved in post production of some films with Bhatts. Soon Hasnanin joined Vikram Bhatt and assisted him in close to 12 films while I worked with Rakesh Roshan for Koi...Mil Gaya and Krrish. So yes, it has been 12 years and we are not unknown names as far as being technicians are concerned!

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