Saturday, 2 July 2011

Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 2 – You Smell Like Dinner Online

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The 2nd episode of True Blood season 4 is entitled as “You Smell Like Dinner” and its original air date is July 3, 2011 on HBO but it was reported that this can be watched anytime after the first episode via HBO GO – an online streaming for HBO subscribers that allows them to access next week’s episode just like what they are doing with their other series such as the Game of Thrones.

This True Blood season 4 episode 2 surround with Tara and Sookie working together to work on a certain real-estate issue while Bill and Eric discussd a local coven that might lead to a big problem for the vampires. Meanwhile, Jason received some unconventional medical help and that is according to some spoilers – “Jason gets his wounds licked…” by whom? Just watch it.

Aside from this, other events happened on the episode is that Sam discovered some things about the demons of Luna while Jessica keeps on controlling her craving for human blood despite the fact the the urge for it is becoming stronger and spoilers said that she did satisfies herself but how… I won’t reveal! :)

I guess if you are so excited about this episode already and wants to know what happens next via watching True Blood season 4 episode 2 then get a HBO GO subscription already. If you can’t then check out the shared links below for the web search results I found for you to able to watch True Blood season 4 episode 2.

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