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Watch Sacrifice Movie Trailer Fee Cast Crew Preview

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Hey folks, Valkor here. And we're back with another film from… Cuba Gooding Jr? Wait, didn't this guy just make a film like two months ago? Who does he owe money to that he has to keep making these Direct to Video piece of schmidts huh? Anyway, this next round finds him… so he's a down and out undercover cop in this one? Fuck! Anyway, let's take a look at Sacrifice, which not only stars Cuba, but also Christian Slater. Really, are we doin this? Alright!
Sacrifice 2011 DVD

In Sacrifice, Cuba plays John Hebron, an undercover cop who's down on his luck and heavy into the bottle. It would seem not long ago, he used to be a happy man. That is until his wife and daughter are killed, whilst under the witness protection program. John is so down that he even leaves the house "exactly" as it was when they died, blood splatter and all. But his life changes when a heroin dealer by the name of Mike (Devon Bostick), leaves his sister Angel (Arcadia Kendal) in his care. This new situation brings about a change in John's life; literally he begins to clean up his act (and his home).

Quick pause so we chat very briefly about Mike and why he left his sister with John. You see Mike wants out of the Heroin game and while on a job to bring back heroin that's shaped into statues that looks like the Virgin Mary, he takes one and hides it in a church. And now he and his sister are on the run, because the bad guys found out about the missing statue, they know that Mike took it, and they want it back.

Well Mike never makes it to the end of the film, because the bad guys catch up to him (did I mention they really want that statue back?). Well in order for them to get it back (since Mike is dead), they figure Angel may know and she's kidnapped. However she doesn't know the exact location of the statue. Fortunately for John, he's friends Father Porter (Christian Slater), whom it just so happens is the guy that Mike gave the statue to (as a donation to replace one that was broken). With this new info, John will use the statue as his trump card to get the girl back. And with the help of Father Porter (who's also former military), they'll face off against the bad guys in a fight to the finish.
Director:Damian Lee
Writer:Mariano Baino
Release dates: 21 April 2011
Cast,Cuba Gooding Jr.,Lara Daans,Christian Slater,

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