Thursday, 21 April 2011

Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 19 Klaus, Full Episode

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As we remembered the crazy idea of Damon, that’s made everyone going bad, well, I really adore him, he really had the animalistic charm and attitude. Probably, one of my favorite scene is between Bonnie and Jeremy, I can barely say that I almost cry on that moment. Well, I felt bad when I thought that Bonnie had died after that confrontation with Alaric, or shall I say Klaus. But, it was really cool, Damon made it a great idea, but I’m still wondering how Bonnie restore her life?

Well, I can’t get over with the previous episode, it was really amazing, and now a new intensified episode is approaching. And take note, the episode title is “Klaus”, and it seems like, that Klaus will gonna rock everyone’s attention this coming Thursday night. Yes, it’s Klaus himself who will have an appearance in this episode, no longer on the identity of Alaric but his real self. He will be played by the guest star, Joseph Morgan. And I know all of you guys, probably had an idea, about what’s running on the mind of Elena, in the last part of the previous episode right? Well, it’s time for Elijah to comeback into life and fight his mortal enemy, Klaus, but this leads into the disagreement between the Salvatore brothers. When Damon and stefan, finds out what Elena had did, they got themselves drown in so much fury. Mean while, Stefan is trying to give his hands to keep safe the confused and frightened Jenna. A flashbacks will occur in this episode about the first meeting of Katherine to Klaus and Elijah, together with the origin of the moonstone curse. Probably, Elena, finally got an idea about the true motive of Klaus.

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