Tuesday, 21 June 2011

101 Ways to Leave a Game Show (US)

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101 Ways to Leave a Game Show" will feature contestants competing in one of the most insane game shows in history for a chance to win $50,000. In "101 Ways," contestants will match wits in a series of multiple choice questions, with one contestant being eliminated every round. But unlike any other game show in the world, the eliminated contestant will then be ejected from the show in spectacular fashion -- i.e., being flown away strapped to the wing of a biplane, pushed off the top of a moving semi truck, dragged underwater by a one-ton anchor or yanked off a dock by a speed boat.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe they should have named is 101 ways to get a show canceled. Jeff is not a funny host, and it gets worse when he tries to be funny. The contestant they had on the show were a bit odd as well, One Iguana loving Gaga tattoo freak, the girl that had the fascination with Justin Beiber craze going one, and I think she had to be in her late 20's. She should have been thrown off the show just for that alone. I can't see this show going on for long, at least we can hope. I even took time out of my day to stream it to my phone using my sling adapter, I had high hopes, at least a hope I would find it enjoyable, but other then a few one liners by the contestants, not enjoyable. At least I still love my sling adapter, I can stream live or recorded shows to my iPhone, and if you are a DISH customer or become one you can qualify for a free sling adapter. Check it out at http://bit.ly/kUGI7J