Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Love Bites Season 1 Episode 4.Sky High

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Watch Love Bites season 1 episode 4 with an episode title of “Sky High” which air date is June 23, 2011. The episode surround with Colleen and Judd get so high with a medical weed which he purchased at a medical marijuana store right just before a Christening or family gathering in a they called “fun day” Sunday. Soon they realized that they are too late for it.

Meanwhile, Christy – Annie’s cool/confident niece asks to the prom the less confident teen named Josh that made his family and friends to rush in for advice for the preparation of the possible first kiss on the prom. On the other hand, in a far far out of this world deep space, Col. Scott Bowers suspects that his girlfriend is cheating on him and use a high-powered satellite with his friends, Captain Craig and Takashi, to check on things back home.

Watch Love Bites season 1 episode 4 to find out what will happen with Colleen and Judd Sunday tripping and Christy-Josh date.

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