Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Watch Futurama s06e16 Ghost in the Machines Watch Online Free

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Something very unexpected will happen in Futurama s06e16 titled Ghost in the Machines. Will this happen for real? Or merely a discourse? Yes, Bender reported will die. Previously, of course you still remember when the episode titled Neutopia aired some time ago. The storyline is very nice I think. The crew meet a strange alien with the ability to alter their gender identities. Of course, we must focus to this upcoming episode! “Ghost in the Machines” is the 16th episode of the 6th season of the American animated television series Futurama.

It will broadcast as the 3rd installment of Season 6-B. It’s anticipated to start airing out on Comedy Central in the America on June 30, 2011. And check this out the official synopsis for Futurama s06e16 Ghost in the Machines! After Bender dies, his software takes on a ghostly existence. Of course this is a very bad news and hopefully Bender can return to live again in the next episode, or at least, he only died for a while. Yes, this is the fresh and brand-new episode which originally can be watched through Comedy Central TV channel, June 30 at 10:00pm.

But unfortunately, there’s no possible video preview / promo today. And finally, you can watch Futurama s06e16 Ghost in the Machines online full episode video below through the button provided.

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