Wednesday, 29 June 2011

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Jill Andresevic's hokey-but-enjoyable brief documentary study of romantic relationships is set in New York's five boroughs. A sheen of idealized shellac covers the film's rose-tinted view of five couples whose unions fall under neat chapter headings like "First Love," "Lasting Love," and "Starting Over." In the ladder category falls 40-year-old Ethan Teicher, a divorced single-dad construction worker with a Richard Gere brand of masculine charm. Romance blooms as Ethan dates the Argentinean-American mom of one of his son's classmates. But trouble brews when she makes demands that he stop drinking and smoking.

Albert and Marion are an elderly Brooklyn couple whose 48 years of marriage are cemented by the many Broadway songs they've written together over the years. While they've never enjoyed the financial rewards they desired for their efforts, Albert and Marion have perfected the art of getting along.

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