Friday, 1 July 2011

Kyazoonga Cricket World Cup 2011 Online Tickets

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Kyazoonga Cricket World Cup 2011 Online Tickets

KyaZoonga is India’s first and largest entertainment and sports ticketing company. Launched in early 2007, KyaZoonga has sold a few million tickets to consumers both in India and in several other countries. We help consumers “Jump the Q” with easy access to all forms of ticketed entertainment with multiple payment options through our online, mobile, box-office and retail distribution channels. We consolidate information in one user-friendly place and enable customers to search, find and transact in a central location.Credited with pioneering a centralized ticketing system and concept in India, implemented since KyaZoonga launched, where all sales channels (internet, box office, retail, phone, mobile) are driven from one central ticketing system, KyaZoonga is the only ticketing company in the Indian subcontinent to have ticketed a major international event – the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, all forms of international cricket (ODI, Tests, T20s), several domestic cricket leagues and matches and Olympic style multiple sporting events and venues. KyaZoonga is also the only ticketing company with the ability to enable pan-India cash sales for all live events including concerts and plays thereby mobilizing fans from all across India to seamlessly buy tickets and travel to concert and event cities.

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