Friday, 1 July 2011

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Virodhi is a Socio Political Thriller with Naxalism as a backdrop film, In which Srikanth playing the lead role along with Kamalinee Mukherjee in the female lead in this movie.

Virodhi is directed by National award winner for Best Screenplay for his film Show is Neelakantha and Srikanth’s brother Anil Meka is producing the film on his Meka Media Banner, with R P Patnaik’s music. ayadev (Srikanth) is a journalist and is known for his devotion towards profession. He writes several stories on politicians and their corrupt practices. Once, he meets MP Jangayya (Ahuti Prasad) and tries to warn him to stop his illegal activities of occupying tribal lands and destroying forests for the sake of mining and amassing wealth. He even warns that Maoists have kept him on a hit list. Even as Jayadev was taking the interview of Jangaiah, Maoists attack him and kill him and takes Jayadev along with them. The Maoist Dalam led by Gopinath aka Gogi (Ajay) conducts the attack. The Dalam leader Gogi decides to kill him but the other members of the group stop him from killing the journalist. They advise him that he could be used as a human shield in case of police attack.

Meanwhile, Jayadev studies all the group members and their mentalities besides the causes for their joining the Dalam. He meets each member individually and explains them that their ideology is baseless and nothing can be achieved through a barrel of gun. Listening to his words, two Dalam members (Ravi Varma and Sri) decide to marry and lead a peaceful life instead of wasting their time for revolution. What happens next should be seen on-screen.

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