Friday, 1 July 2011

Watch Pokemon Season 14 Episode 22 A Venipede Stampede Watch Online Free

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As time goes by the phenomenal anime Pokemon is continuing to bring the audiences into a new life and adventures in every episode that it released. Every episode fill our day with such a terrific experience of being a kid and it brings back the child in our self. The show was just not created for kids but also for those people who are kids at heart like me, LOL. And coming this Saturday is another spectacular episode on which entitled “A Venipede Stampede!”, that we will going to witness. So, you guys, better not miss to watch Pokemon Season 14 Episode 22 this Saturday for this is another amazing adventures for all of us.
Episode Summary:
Ash and friends have finally arrived in Castelia City. While exploring the city they run into Burgh. After hearing a noise underground, they go to find out what it was and find a wild Venipede. It is injured, and even though they heal it, the other Venipede in the sewers become upset and begin attacking the city above. Now Ash and friends must help to stop them.

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