Friday, 1 July 2011

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I once had a male friend who said that there were five things that every movie needed in order to be considered a great movie. Since he was a man, his list went like this: guns, boobs, explosions, car chases, and monster trucks. Although I love every movie in its own way, a movie can steal my heart instantly with one of the following: precocious children, a character voiced by Gilbert Gottfried, a kiss where the camera spins around the characters for at least thirty seconds, dating montages accompanied by pop songs where the song title perfectly describes the date, and talking animals. And if a movie has all of those, it usually requires a medic, two Dramamine, and a change of undergarments.

In "Zookeeper", Kevin James gives one of the greatest performances of his career as Griffin Keyes who is, you probably guessed, a zookeeper. Poor Griffin asks Stephanie (Leslie Bibb) to marry him, but she rejects his proposal because she's embarrassed that he's a zookeeper. Five years pass and Griffin is still a zookeeper when he runs into Stephanie again and begins his quest to win her back. However, when part of that quest involves possibly getting a new job at a car dealership, the animals of Franklin Park Zoo band together and reveal to Griffin that they can talk in an effort to keep him from leaving. To get him to stay, they decide to teach him how to win the girl.

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