Saturday, 2 July 2011

Watch Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 6: Heart Monitor Watch Online Free

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Hey, what’s up are you still hook up of the last week episode of Teen Wolf. Well, it was kinda fascinating as we are getting closer on revealing the hidden secrets of the series. The werewolves, the mysterious Alison as well as that Alpha who is still unknown. Every here and now, I always read new on the internet and comments, that many Teen Wolf fanatics was really curious about the identity of the Alpha. It seems like that many audiences out there was interested about the existence of this mysterious attacker in the name of Alpha.

Last week, we had join the fun on watching the show, it was Jackson and Lydia’s life that was put on trouble after a new animal attack on town. Probably, I love watching the part when the Alpha almost attack Jackson LOL, but there are more circumstances that we should wait for the intensity was just started to rise up. But for me, the skip of Alison on the class together with Scott is kinda a romantic moment for the teens on the birthday of the girl. I really love their chemistry, you can truly feel that love is in that air. Another spectacular part of the last week episode is that, Derek was determine to convince Scott that they need to combined their force so that they will be able to defeat the Alpha. Probably, I was looking forward for the two werewolf to make an ally to each other, haha, a team up of two Tylers in real life LOL.

Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 6: Heart Monitor was the episode title of this week episode and it was expectedly to air this coming Monday night, July 4, 2011. As a matter of fact, Scott was trying to control his transformation in this episode so that he can spend more time with Alison. Well, I just notice that love could really change a lot of things. On the other hand, Derek was determine to make an ally with Scott, and I would like to say this message to Scott McCall, hey Scotty please accept Derek’s proposal LOL.

We are heading for more astonishing part of the story of our favorite Teen Wolf. And MTV will surely make a big hit as we are getting closer to the season finale of the series. Four more episodes to go and we are there, so, watch Teen Wolf Season 1 Episode 6 online now, this is something new to spend your Monday night watching habit with the hottest werewolf in this new generations, it’s the Teen Wolf.

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