Saturday, 2 July 2011

Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 If You Love Me Why Am I Dyin Watch Online Free

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Truebies out there was really excited for the approaching episodes of the True Blood Season 4. The first two episodes for this season has been stunning for it didn’t fail the expectations of its avid viewers. And I can say, that the entire show was fascinating for it enable the story to cast a spell on the mind and imagination of its dear audiences.

Well, talking about the episodes of the True Bloods, season 4 of the entire series brings a new high light in the show, with an expanded aspect and it even reach into a new level. The fourth season will not just simply focus on the vampires, werewolves and fairies, the main villain for this one will be the witches with some wickedness at heart. I was kinda amazed watching these supernatural beings fighting for their self as well as for their beliefs. And I know that everyone out there was craving to watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 because there are more things that are not yet told, and still waiting to be unravel in this season.

Let’s talk about this approaching episode of True Blood entitled “If You Love Me, Why Am I Dyin’?”. Are you guys ready for another deal between Sookie and Eric as well as the latter will going to have a connection once again with the handsome and hot werewolf in town, Alcide? Honestly, Eric and Alcide were my favorite character in the entire series of True Blood and I can’t keep myself everytime that the camera focus on them LOL. Let’s go forward to Pam who brings an ultimatum for Tara, Jesus and Lafayette. On the other hand, Jason is cast by everyone as a reluctant savior after he had been a recipient of some unconventional medical help. Sam was alienated by Tommy and the latter also keep an eye on some scam. An errant vampires has been penalized by Bill and at the same time, Bill counsels the guild-ridden Jessica. Meanwhile, Marnie were flexing a new found power, I just wander what it is?

I think it is better for all of us taking time to watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 3 online for this is something new from one of HBO’s most popular TV series. And this is something new to fill up our Sunday night watching habit this coming July 10, 2011. By the way, this episode was written by Alan Ball and directed by David Petrarca.


  1. Well I can barely wait 7 more days... I read the books and this season's book is my fave! I can't wait to see Eric and Sookie toghether! I just can't help but wonder what the episodes will be like, they're really different from the books, but still amaizing. Happy to see some spoilers :D !
    Still find it hard to believe that Bill made King... I was like: WTF, man?! But, then again I'm just dying to know what will happen next :)).
    I'm beyond happy that they kept Lafayette in the series and it's good that he found Jesus to love and all. Plus the Wiccan thing kinda makes him more intresting.
    Pam is "fangtasitic"! Can't wait to see her pissed off!
    Frankly I find Marnie just plain weird... Seriously... She could be more... I kinda hope the character will develop into something better.
    As for all the other changes in this season of the series, some were amaizing, other were "dude, come on!" and other were "I guess this could work out...".

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